Workplace where I arrange my songs.

My name is Felix and I compose songs, I write the lyrics, the instrumentation and everything related to musical composition. I start from a base with acoustic guitar and lyrics from which I draw inspiration to give body to the composition.

It is crucial to articulate personal experiences, as well as the events and experiences of others, from both the past and present.

The start of it all was my long-term writing of different texts and my love of music. I later started playing classical guitar and eventually acquired a piano and software for composition.

The initial piece of music I composed was titled "Sombras", which drew inspiration from a personal experience.

I have recorded a four-song E.P.
1. The train of live
2. Más allá
3. The Aura
4. Senderos (Madre tierra)

and two singles: "Vivo de sueños" y "Return to that place".

Cover of one of my most appreciated songs: Madre Tierra
Live performance.

Currently, as well as working on this solo project, I sing and write lyrics for the band "Sublocal Z". I am thrilled and thankful to be part of this fantastic group of artists.

I am open to any proposal; please feel free to contact me through  Contact