22 June 2024

Performance at Collage Burlesque in Madrid.

Saturday 22 June at 23:00 h!
This is my first solo concert in Madrid, I'm performing at Collage Burlesque.

6 Manuel Silvela Street.

22 March 2024

Cover of the song, Pura maldad, composed by the singer AveFeFenix

Release of two new singles, "Pura Maldad" and "Reflejos en Alta Mar"
"Pura Maldad": I composed this song for a collaboration with the foundation "Goths For Sanctuaries". It is now available in the shop - Pura Maldad

Cover of the song, Reflejos en Alta Mar, composed by the singer AveFeFenix

"Reflejos en Alta Mar": This song is a tribute to all those souls who at some point were lost at sea and never returned home. Available on Bandcamp - Reflejos En Alta Mar

23 December 2023

Concert at the -Slow- club. Performance solo and with the band Sublocal-Z.

Saturday 23rd December at 20:30! Final concert of 2023.
This is a unique concert as I will be performing a solo set, as well as one with the band Sublocal-Z during the same event.

See you at the -Slow- club in Barcelona.
186 Paris Street, 08036 (Barcelona).

3 de November de 2023

El Bosque de Circe (2023) | Alejandro Mazzoni

Collaboration with producer Alejandro Mazzoni.
Today is the release of the project of producer Alejandro Mazzioni where he performed the song "El Conquistador" for his EP "El Bosque de Cirze".
In the following link you can access the album El bosque de Circe

3 de November de 2023

Goths For Sanctuaries

Collaboration with the foundation "Goths For Sanctuaries" with the song "Pura maldad".
New unreleased track composed for Goth For Sanctuaries, a foundation dedicated to raising funds for animal rescues and sanctuaries around the world.
They have made a collaborative CD with several artists. In the following link you can access the song Pura Maldad

24 June 2023

AveFeFenix concert at Sala Slow

Next concert at the "Sala Slow" in Barcelona.
Carrer de París 186, 08036.
If you like my music, don't miss the opportunity to hear me live.
For more information, please click on the following link: Sala Slow

18 April 2023

Logo of the singer and songwriter AveFeFenix

Birth of the AveFeFenix project with which I make myself known to users of social networks, internet users and influencers. With this project I hope to meet people who like my work and share their feelings with me. I also hope to meet professionals in the music industry to exchange impressions and learn from their experiences. Thank you for visiting the website and if you have any comments or constructive criticism please let me know. Welcome!

18 April 2023

Cover of the song -Madre Tierra- composed by the singer AveFeFenix

Release of the album "Senderos" consisting of four songs. Also released two singles "Vivo de sueños" and "Return to that place" which can already be found in the Shop